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Epworth League

A Methodist Association for Young Adults

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1) What are the beliefs of the Epworth League?

The Epworth League is a Christian organization associated with the  United Methodist Church. The basic beliefs of the United Methodist Church can be found here.  Beliefs

2) Didn’t the Epworth League exist a long time ago?

Yes it existed from 1889 to 1939. Our organization today is based on many of the foundational elements of the  original Epworth league. You can find some history on Wilkipedia Epworth League History

3) Who is sponsoring the Global Epworth League ?

The  global Epworth League organization is a grassroots effort and is sponsored by Servant Community, a new United Methodist church located about 35 miles west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, in association with other churches and individuals passionate about young adult ministry.

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